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A Night At Mosgows

Howdy Folks…

We had a good night playing at Mosgows, with Saint John, and his band, “Bossa Nova Baby”.

We were missing Courtney, our singer, as she had been shot by her boyfriend in the face and arm. She is apparently doing good at U C Davis Medical Center, where she was air lifted. The music flowed well, and we were well received. This is much different music than Saint John’s other band, “The Sinners”, which is mainly rock and blues. I guess I’m in the band, and we will be doing more gigs soon.

Mosgows is a really nice coffee shop… but the pay? One drink! And they have a waiting list of six months or so to play there.

Truly a Humboldt reality. It’s music for the love of it around here!  I guess keep your day job.

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Live at the Red Fox Tavern

Yo Folks…

I had a good night playing with my friend Saint John on guitar, with vocals, bass, drums, and percussion.

We played some bossa, some rock, some jazz, and a couple of Beatles tunes. Had to rent a flute at the last minute, because my good flute was in Boston for a sticking F# key. The band Garaj Mahal is playing the Red Fox this week. My band was on the same bill as they were several years ago for the Bebop and Brew Festival here in Arcata.  Thanks to all at the Red Fox for having us play.

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In The Beginning…


Welcome to my new web site! We are just getting started, like a new life, new flower blooming…

I want to encourage anyone to contact me for any reason. I’d love to get to know you. Maybe you know a song that you’d like to hear, and I might record it on a future CD. Perhaps you know some musicians who I could play with sometime. Is there a castle you know of, that needs a flute to fill it’s halls?  I’d really like to get to know people far and wide. Please write to me anytime, and I will most likely get right back to you. Thanks for your interest in my music!

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