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Good Bye Craigslist!

Sianora CL!!!

I have been trying for some time, without much success, to get some basic help from craigslist to get the show on the road. So far, it hasn’t worked out very well, a bunch of go nowhere interviews, with largely flaky people, who haven’t a clue as to the level of my talent. Not to toot my own horn…  I may have started playing at night, but not last night.   So, I may now be on the verge of working with industry professionals.  Imagine that!   Could it really be true?   Put me to work please!!!

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I Don’t Want To Work, Just Want To Play My Flute All Day

Funny thing about music… a lot of people don’t think of playing music as being work.

Thirty five years of playing, many thousands of hours of practice, many thousands of dollars on lessons, college, my gold flute, etc. I think this all adds up to work. Just where I live now is a place where they think musicians have nothing better to do than to play for free.  Thanks for the great music… here’s your latte!   Calling the phone company… “Well, I can’t pay the phone bill, but you should have been at the gig the other night!”   I am heading in a whole new direction… one that pays hopefully!

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Coffee Shop… Or Carnegie Hall?

A funny thing about music, you could have the same group playing in a coffee shop, or Carnegie Hall. The coffee shop will get you $25 and a latte, and Carnegie Hall…? The sky’s the limit.   Some musicians just never get past the small venue circuit.

I think perhaps my time has come.

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Oh My Goodness… Greetings From Sir James Galway!!!

A dream can be but a step away…

Recently, I sent out twenty five of my new CD, “Shadows” to high level folks around the world. My M. O. is to start at the top, and work my way down as need be. Usually, you maybe start in the mail room, and set your sites on corporate headquarters. And yes, I actually worked in the mail room at Microsoft once.  So, I sent CDs to people like Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Airto Moreira, and others. And, to radio stations in New York, Paris, London, Rome, etc.  Well, one of these went to Sir James Galway. If you don’t know who he is, I’m sorry, but you are clueless about the flute world.

This morning, I woke up to an email from him, from his home in Switzerland.  He is impressed with my playing, and wants to help me get going. This is as good as it gets. The top of the world.  A true miracle. I wrote a blog recently, with the title “Looking For My Theo”. Theo, was Van Gogh’s brother, who, if not for him, Vincent might never have sold a painting.  I may have found my Theo with Sir James.  Recently, I was about to spend $10,000 on a new, studio CD. Had the tunes all picked out, the arrangements all done, the musicians and studio booked.  Pulled the plug at the last minute, because of the reality that I did not have an adequate promotional platform to insure that they would sell. And, CDs aren’t selling very well anyway, for even a lot of well established artists.

So, stay tuned for further developments. Things could get very exciting very soon.


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The Artist Formerly Known As…

Remember the deal with Prince, when he was having trouble with his record company, so he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol?   Well, pay no attention to the flutist behind the screen.   I may just release all my music for free on the net, with no name attached.  Who is that flute player?   A little mystery can be a good thing.

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More Wine Please!

In my Paris days, I was once invited to play with an Indian jazz kind of group in Southwest France, called Saraswati, named after an Indian Goddess. Two guitars, tabla, and more percussion. Very sweet music. I took the train from Paris, and was riding in the restaurant car, sipping good red wine, reviewing my music scores. I felt that I had found the promised land, a dream come true, I was in heaven. I stayed with my friends, in an ancient home, close to one of the Chateau de la Loire. How cool can it be?   This is the life I want.

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My post about new family has been well viewed.

As my traffic grows, so grows my ability to attract positive developments into my life. Though sometimes, in some ways, I am a complex person, having stumped a psycologist or three, at heart I am simple. Give me love, add in sunshine and water, a drum beat, sweet and low, a dose of elegant dance, fire on the mountain, and crystal rainbows sparkling in my eye, and I am ready to blow some sweet flute music. For you, for planet earth, for Uncle Joe on the back porch, watching the corn grow.   With about 6 billion people sharing this planet, I am hoping perhaps 1 billion might enjoy some nice flute music.   Be here for me, as I shall be here for you.

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CDs… R.I.P.

CDs are becoming a shiny flat cassette.  It’s a bit of a situation… you kind of still need to have them, to share your music, but you may not sell very many. It’s a download world now. The really great thing is that it helps an artist get heard around the world, anywhere. This helps build an audience, who hopefully will buy tickets.

Things sure have changed.

I still like my Sony TCD5m cassette recorder.

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Welcome To McDonalds… Would You Like Fries With Your Cadmium?

Oh Now What???

Twelve million glasses are being recalled with the new Shrek movie painted on them. Just a little problem, the paint on them contains cadmium, which is toxic. And they made 12 million of them.  Maybe stick with watercolors.

Drink up kids!!!

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New Family Wanted

Well, so here is my story.

My parents have both gone on to the great journey beyond. The rest of my family is scattered, and on their own paths. So, I am looking for new directions, new connections, new family & friends. I seek a simple life. Playing flute for friendly folks far and wide. I am looking for Van Gogh’s Bedroom. Somewhere out there, is a place for my music and spirit to flourish. Maybe it is in the golden hills of Ireland.  Perhaps a farm house in the corn fields of Iowa, where I have roots.  Then again, the mountain villages of Morocco were very good to me, back in the day. My needs are simple. Phone and internet, and the basics. Access to an airport.  I just know there is a castle out there somewhere, waiting for golden flute tones to echo in its chambers.  While I will continue to pursue global touring, I will also seek a new family connection.  Maybe you have a child who wants to learn to play the flute…

Hope to hear from you!

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