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Phenomenal !!!

Much as I have attempted to avoid being accused of such qualities as being phenomenal in my flute playing, I just don’t seem to be able to shake it. Recently, when my web site got completely revamped, I was shocked to see at the top… Dave Hinz… The Phenomenon. I was very upset, and had this glowing accolade removed immediately. Not that I didn’t like the ego stroke, but phenomenal, according to who? Therein lies my beef… well, perhaps my tofu ( I’m a veggie ). Unless I can give credit for a comment, to some reputable source, or even perhaps Sally B. in Omaha, then I don’t want to parade it. The last thing I want is for someone to think that I am saying these things myself, about me.

When I meet people, and they find out that I play flute, they often ask if I am good. I usually reply with something like… “Well, you’d have to hear me play, and decide for yourself.” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.   There is a certain world famous soprano sax player, who I shall honor by mentioning not his first name, nor indeed his abbreviated last… who has in bold letters on his site… “The Greatest Instrumentalist Of All Times”    Well, well, well… isn’t that special! This person, let’s call him Mr. Sax, must have had to practice many long hours to attain this lofty position. Now, what I want to know… who has made this grand declaration of planetary domination as being the greatest this world has ever seen?  Funny thing… he and I had the same sax teacher.   Oh, but don’t tell anyone that I play sax. My little secret… only in the shower!

Well, the down side of my efforts to curtail unsubstanciated glowing comments, is that I am playing for “Peanuts, Nachos & Whiskey”, as a recent blog has reflected, and Mr. Sax is a gazillionaire… tooteling about in his private jet.

So, anyway, back to the “phenomenal” deal… So, I got it off from the top of my web site… Whew! That was a close one! Somebody could have seen it! Just when I thought I was free from such enthusiastic gestures… Oh no, it happened again, this time in a letter from Lisa H.  Then, just a few days later, on a phone call from Karen O.  Phenomenal, phenomenal, phenomenal!    Can not I just be Dave, the flute guy? Sit by a stream, and blow pretty notes? I guess the “ticket buying public” in that case… birds, trees, squirrels, frogs, and the rest of them, have their own currency.

Much like the deer who listened to me play in my camp in the Colorado Rockies, while on my cross country bicycle trip when I was seventeen.  She then ate raisins from my hand!  I must have played a trillion notes since then!   Little did I know, so many years later, that I would be sitting at a computer so very many hours every day, working to “engage” the industry.


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Eleven Days Of Sun

I played last night at the Jambalaya Restaurant with Andrew on piano… good tunes.

Was talkin with the bartender, and he’s been counting the sunny days this summer… eleven. Eleven days of sun in the whole summer, and now we’re heading into winter. I have an affectionate ( not really ) term for this town… “Little Siberia”   Perfect weather for slugs, snails, salamanders, worms, redwood trees, and mold.  But for humans?  Borderline uninhabitable.

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Arcata, California – 09/24/10 – Jambalaya Restaurant

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Peanuts, Nachos, & Whiskey… Oh My!!!

Oh heavens, what a Humboldt day I had yesterday.

Three gigs in one day, and not a dollar earned. Pure Humboldt! Oh, but the day’s efforts were not without compensation!
At the College of the Redwoods “Battle of the Bands”, I dined on a paper plate of gourmet salted peanuts, sipping on fine
root beer from a keg on ice. Only thing missing was Martha Stewart. We were well received, and won the prize of a $50 gift certificate to Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville. There we dined again on a stellar, world class plate of delicious nachos… extra cheese and jalapenos. I played with a jazz trio of piano, bass, & drums, all good players.

Then it was off to Jambalaya Restaurant, for the Tuesday night blues jam. I played so good, that someone made the gracious gesture of buying me a shot of whiskey… Jack Daniels it was. What a day!

Ahhh, the life of a musician behind the Redwood Curtain.

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A Note About My New Links Page

My links page will develop slowly over time.
I plan to have only people and companies who are at the top of the world
for what they do, and who I have some real connection to. If you see them on my site,
rest assured that they are amongst the finest at their chosen craft or mission that the world has to offer.
If you think that you, or someone you know, may be in this lofty league, please make me aware of it.
This does not have to be flute, or even music related… just really fantastic.
Also, if you have a site, and might want me on your links page, let’s talk.

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Checking it all out!

And trying hard to get all my social networking thangies working together.

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Dave Makes the Local News

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The Craziest Thing Just Happened!

I just saw a local musician I know, and she told me that she met me many blue moons ago in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California, whilst wearing a flute head joint around my neck, as I used to do, even if that was all I was wearing. Back then, I considered an exhalation a wasted opportunity if I wasn’t blowing into a flute. This must have been around 1975!!! I had started taking lessons… I remember asking my teacher  “Hey man, can you play “Cowgirl In The Sand?”

Neil Young was my God back then, well, he is still god, by god.

I am still looking for my cowgirl in the sand.

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Make Me An Angel

Angel from Mongomery, that is…

One of my very favorite John Prine songs. The line… “Just give me one thing, that I can hold onto”  For a very long time, for me, that meant a home. Now it means a stage, many of them.  I am here on this planet to play, play, play.

And, I think it’s going to happen very soon.

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“Imagine” Is Done… Free Demo!

I have just received the final mix of “Imagine” and I am very pleased.

I would like to offer a free mp3 file to the first 50 people to respond.

Just write to me at and put “Imagine” in the subject line.

Please include a little note about you, where you are, how you found my site, who’s your favorite flute player, or whatever.  Also, let me know if you want to subscribe to my new newsletter.

Soon, this will be packaged as a single and sent to the John Lennon Time Capsule Project.

Also, look for this on my download page.

Thanks to Mike Labolle on drums… Sam Roberts on bass… and Mike Kapitan – our arranger, producer, and keyboardist.

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