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New Picasso Works Discovered

Yes, incredibly, Picasso’s former electrician, hired largely to install burglar systems, has claimed that his former boss gave him 271 original pieces as gifts for his loyal services. All together, they include lithographs, cubist paintings, & a watercolor. Picasso’s son, and other authorities, are dubious about the gift claim, saying Pablo would never have given so many pieces to one person.  In any case, it’s exciting to know that more of the great artist’s work has surfaced.

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Crazzzzzzy! Willie & Crew Busted Again!!!

Yessir… Willie Nelson, busted with six ounces of marijuana in Texas. Just leave the guy alone, will ya Texas Rangers?  With all he has done for Texas, and the rest of our fine country, and beyond, the man deserves a break. Of course he smokes pot. No secret there.  Well, they arrested Willie & a couple others. They paid some money and got released. I don’t think it will take too long to re-supply.

On the road again…

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Flute Player Steals Bird Skins To Buy Better Flute

A flutist in England has stolen 299 rare bird skins from a museum in an effort to raise money to buy a better flute.  I don’t know how easy it might be to sell rare bird skins on the open market. Well, the kid got caught, the skins returned, and soon he will be sentenced.  I wish I had tons of money… I’d buy him a great flute.  It is SO important to have a good instrument.  Took me way too long to get mine. So, parents, if you are reading this, please consider helping your kid get a great axe. It can mean the difference between having a career or not in music. It can be a catch 22… chicken & egg sort of thing.  If you don’t have a really fine instrument, you might not want to practice as much. Then you won’t excel as far & fast, and may never reach the level you need to be at to work as a professional.  I hope to start a foundation to help aspiring musicians get better instruments.  Care to donate & assist in the administration of this foundation?

Keep a kid out of jail… buy them a great musical instrument!~

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Billy Joel Recovering From Hip Replacement

Billy had double hip replacement, and is doing well after the operation.

Perhaps the piano man will be more “Hip” than ever.

Be well, Billy!

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New Partnership With Fast Break Music

I finally found a company to work with called Fast Break Music ( .com )

They are going to be helping me with everything I have been seeking assistance with. Based in Hollywood, they look to be a dream team for a musician.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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Wazup Chick & Eddie?

I had a really cool dream last night. I was hanging out with Chick Corea & Eddie Gomez. Just chillin, at a restaurant, talking about good times. Now, I actually did hang with Eddie, once after a gig he did in Seattle. He’s one of the finest jazz bass players around. Never met Chick, but I really want to.  Anyway, we had a fantastic time.  Don’t remember who picked up the tab.

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Nuclear Materials Transportation & Alcohol

Bad… Very Very Bad!!!

Sixteen times in two years the folks who transport this stuff have been observed drinking or intoxicated.  Sixteen times. Radioactive materials. On our roadways. And alcohol. Very bad.

I was exposed to radioactive fallout from Chernobyl in 1986, while living in Paris. I wonder if the folks running that scene were drunk. On the worst night, with rain bringing the radiation down, I was waiting to get into a Laurie Anderson show. I didn’t know how bad it was at the time. The French government had lied, saying the radiation wasn’t affecting France. Somehow the Rhine River blocked it, and though it got to Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Portugal, & elsewhere… France was like totally cool.  A big lie!  The story broke that they had with held information that was coming in. France at that time was about 70% nuclear powered. Up till Chernobyl, they had no tangible anti nuke movement. That changed after a map was published, province by province, showing radiation levels throughout France, over a period of time. Paris was hardest hit, and Laurie Anderson eve was the worst night.

So much for trusting your well being to anyone.  It has happened here as well.

No drinking & nuking please!

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Who Are You People Anyhow?

Over 17,000 visits to my site in a little over 6 weeks. Great traffic, and I am wondering who all you people are. Feel free to say hi, leave a comment, email me, and get involved.

I’d love to get to know you!

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My Oh My… “Shadows” Is Being Transformed

With Comfortably Numb to be added in January, as well as two other tracks soon thereafter, the audio will be greatly enhanced, and this will become an all studio CD. And the packaging is being completely redone, taking on a galactic theme. Might need to have Luke Skywalker sing a little space opera. So the shadows, now by a stream, will be shadows of like one of Jupiter’s moons, against the earth. And some imagery from the Space Station. The new cuppola window they recently installed is an amazing feat.   The ISS occupants can sit in the window, actually about 8 of them, and gaze to earth or the heavens.  What a world we live in.

As new life is studied in space, a moment of silence for exoplanet HIP 13044b,  which, sadly, was recently devoured when it strayed into the Milky Way. The cycle of life, on earth, and in space, continues through the ages.  The cycle of my CD continues on as well, developing over time into something, hopefully, really fantastic.   Maybe it will someday find its way to the space station. I hope to venture out to some of the places where Shadows will be going. For now, I shall continue to continue, to pretend, that life, will never end. And flowers never bend with the rainfall.  Thanks to Paul Simon for these ending words.  Coo coo ka chew!

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Genes Give Clue To Early Puberty

A group of international scientists, having scanned 100,000 women in a new study, have found some 30 genes that affect the age of the onset of puberty. Some of these genes, such as GAP, Levi, Old Navy, Wrangler, and others, were studied for their pubescentary properties.

In the U.K., girls as young as ten are entering puberty, much earlier than girls a century earlier.  It is, at this time, unclear as to the exact affect that current fashion trends are having upon young girls.

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