What’s With The Root Beer, Ram Dass?

I attended a talk presented by Ram Dass, at Western Washington University, in Bellingham, WA., in 1981.   Two hours of everything you ever needed to know about life, coming from the former Richard Alpert, long since terminated from his Harvard days for taking a little too much LSD. Sitting in lotus position, on a Persian carpet, saffron pillows, incense, candles, and flowers all around him, and in front, in the center… was a bottle of Hires root beer.  After his talk, many were asking up close & personal questions, about the nature of existence, the meaning of life, the way of the Buddha, what was it like to party with Timothy Leary, and so much more.

After all were done, seeking a last minute boost of cosmic inspiration, I had a burning question to satisfy. “Yo Ram Dass… what’s the root beer for?” To which he replied… “It’s for you!” Crazy!  Still to this day, I have this cosmic bottle of the most holiest of root beer you could ever find. On many occasions, I have rescued it from the hands of a thirsty friend, on a hot summer’s day. NO!!!! Holy soda you got there bub! Unhand that royal drink!

A few years ago, when the Rainbow Gathering was in California, I ran into Ram Dass along the trail, with a sizable entourage. When he had a free moment, I mentioned to him that I still had the root beer from 1981. I told him that I was saving it for a time when I was truly in despair. Oh save me holy soda!  He said “Give it to me, and then you will never be in despair!”

Recently, 200 year old champagne was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea… perfectly preserved. Only $69,000 per bottle. One of those, if you have to ask the price, yer in the wrong restaurant moments.  My root beer is priceless. Not available in stores anywhere!

The Ram Dass root beer tale lives on.

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