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Fresh Start… Part Trois

Good Golly Miss Molly…

You know how in life, just when you think you
have virtually everything figured out, your plan
in place, your dial of dreams finally tuned to your
favorite frequency…

And then you get broad sided by a metaphorical
locomotive, which knocks you silly, and sends you
back to the drawing board, with a fresh slate & a
whole box of new chalk.

Well, here I go again…
While I shall spare you the details, let’s just say for
now that I am grateful to be alive. As such is the case,
I am indeed looking at life with new & profoundly
different eyes.

Life indeed is a very risky endeavor.
This ain’t Toto, Kansas!!!
Lions, Tigers, & Bears… Oh My!!!

Meanwhile, perhaps it IS time to pay
attention to the man behind the screen…
For the message in the bottle may indeed
be worth reading. Drifting for years, silently
hoping to be found by those who will know
what to do with the writings contained within.

If a flute falls in a forest…
will anybody hear it???

To those of you who may be joining me in the
exploration of these mysterious thoughts & dreams,
I welcome you in joining me on this adventurous

Please, stroll around the grounds,
until you feel at home!

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