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So, Who Are You, Anyway?

A funny thing… I’ve contacted some talent management agencies, and they say you must be referred by someone. And then record companies, they often say that they don’t accept unsolicited material… meaning if they didn’t ask for it, they don’t want it! Ahh, the hoops we musicians must jump through!

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My Dream Band

I thought I would share my thoughts about the musicians I have in mind to play with for my touring band. Subject to their availability when the time comes, those I have in mind at this time are Michael Powers on guitar, in Seattle, Todd Zimberg on drums, Vashon Island, either Cary Black, or Keith Lowe, on bass. Cary is in Olympia, Keith in Seattle. John Danberg, vibes and percussion, Anchorage, and my high school buddy, Fred Wackenhut, piano, in the Ozarks. I have played with all these guys, in various combinations, dating as far back as 1975, in my school band with Fred. You can google these hot players! Together, their resumes are astounding. They are all interested in touring with me, under the right conditions. Good paying gigs, good traveling, comfortable lodging, healthy food, maybe a nice massage here and there. Some of these guys have gigs many months in advance. The line up may change when the time comes, but this would be a band made in heaven.

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Needle In A Hay Stack

Howdy Folks…

I am happy to say that the traffic to my site is increasing. This is a very good thing. The more people who visit my site, the more chance there is of getting the show on the road. What would be really cool, is if you can send me a note, telling me where you are. This will help me to know where my site is being seen. I know in my heart that there is one magical person out there who will know how to make things happen… get me recorded,  get the tour lined up… all the things that go into making a musician prosper. But it’s like a needle in a haystack. Do you have a group send email list, that you could help get more traffic to my site? Do you know anyone who would like a job promoting my site? I feel that the world wants to hear my music, and I want to share it. I want to start using all the social networking sites, and could use help to get those going. Thanks for your support!  Keep it going!

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New CDs!

I am very happy to announce two CDs are now for sale on my site, and soon to be in various locations. They are “Aleutian Meditation”… a massage oriented CD, and “Shadows”, a compilation of some of my best recordings, going back to 1984.
Work has begun on a third CD, featuring Seattle’s great guitarist, Michael Powers. Individual tracks will be available in my mp3 store as they get recorded. CDs can be signed on request.

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Another Night at Mosgows

Bossa Nova Baby strikes again…
We had a good night, with sax, bass, drums, percussion, and ol Saint John on guitar. Played a very long set, no break. I recorded some tunes with my friend Jeff before the gig, so I was all warmed up. Fun time was had by all.

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Live Music Available

I am available to play live in a wide variety of settings for your special event. While I am working to assemble and record with my dream band, I have good musicians I can call on, playing various styles, from duos to full band performances. Know someone who is getting married? Tell them about my site!

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New Collaboration

I’m excited to announce that I am beginning a collaboration with the amazing Seattle guitarist, Michael Powers ( We are going to record a CD, one tune at a time. He will record tracks at his home studio, then send me mp3 files, wherever I am, and I will lay down flute to complete the tunes. Then, the completed tunes will go up on my online music store. When we have enough material for a CD, it will get packaged and be available online on both of our web sites, and at gigs that we will do together. Maybe Vegas, perhaps a cruise ship, an extended run in St. Tropez… who knows. Michael currently does 250 to 300 shows a year, both solo and with his band, in the greater Seattle area and beyond.
This project will be a mix of original and familiar music. Though we have pretty well mapped out the tunes we will do, if you have a song that you would love to hear, we might consider it.
We expect the first tune to be ready in 2 or 3 months. Michael and I first played together at Seattle’s Mardi Gras in 1977. The only tunes we knew in common were John Mayall’s “Room To Move”, and Bach’s “Bouree”, a la Jethro Tull. We plan to do these tunes on the CD, for old times sake.
I want to thank Michael for his enthusiasm. I feel that this is going to be a great project.

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New Band Forming

Greetings Fellow Musicians…

I am in the process of forming a new band. The instruments I desire are keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, cello, and a female vocalist. You should have the ability to read music at a good level, a good ear, and be versatile in styles ranging from jazz, blues, folk, rock, ethnic, reggae, and more.
Also, the ability to tour for extended periods. For more information, please email me.

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A Night At Mosgows

Howdy Folks…

We had a good night playing at Mosgows, with Saint John, and his band, “Bossa Nova Baby”.

We were missing Courtney, our singer, as she had been shot by her boyfriend in the face and arm. She is apparently doing good at U C Davis Medical Center, where she was air lifted. The music flowed well, and we were well received. This is much different music than Saint John’s other band, “The Sinners”, which is mainly rock and blues. I guess I’m in the band, and we will be doing more gigs soon.

Mosgows is a really nice coffee shop… but the pay? One drink! And they have a waiting list of six months or so to play there.

Truly a Humboldt reality. It’s music for the love of it around here!  I guess keep your day job.

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Live at the Red Fox Tavern

Yo Folks…

I had a good night playing with my friend Saint John on guitar, with vocals, bass, drums, and percussion.

We played some bossa, some rock, some jazz, and a couple of Beatles tunes. Had to rent a flute at the last minute, because my good flute was in Boston for a sticking F# key. The band Garaj Mahal is playing the Red Fox this week. My band was on the same bill as they were several years ago for the Bebop and Brew Festival here in Arcata.  Thanks to all at the Red Fox for having us play.

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