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This CD, called ‘Shadows’ is an instrumental recording of jazz, rock, popular, and ethereal music. It includes classics such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, “Imagine”, “Comfortably Numb”, “Black Orpheus”, & originals “Ghana Jam”, & “Floating”. It was mostly recorded in Arcata, CA, and was just recently completed. This features some of the area’s best musicians. Enjoy Dave’s solid gold flute on this studio recording.

Aleutian Meditation
The music on this recording is an ideal companion for massage, yoga, meditation, & all around relaxation. It features bass, alto, & concert flutes, classical guitar, synthesizer, orca whales, & ocean waves. Recently revised, this was originally released in 1989, & was recorded in Seattle, WA.

Reviews of Aleutian Meditation

David J. Hinz composed, played, arranged and produced this uplifting, acoustic instrumental composition. Musical collaborators included a wonderful pod of Orca, or killer whales. Paul Spong, the founder of Orca Lab in British Columbia, Canada ( recorded these wild cetaceans off the northwest shore of Vancouver Island.

Reviewers have aptly described the music of Aleutian Meditation as “ warm, rich, and resonant”, with lush tones, calming tempos and soulful flute riffs that “sweep away all worries and cares of the land-locked world…”. A life-enhancing, spacious feeling sweeps over the listener, resulting in a calm awareness and a feeling of peace and relaxation. Sophisticated and soulful layering of flutes, sonorous synthesizer, the gentle lapping of ocean waves and the wistful sound of Orca whales makes this music ideal as an accompaniment to massage, meditation, yoga and contemplation. The current Aleutian Meditation CD is seventy-three minutes in length. It was re-mastered and re-mixed in 2003 specifically for massage therapists and healing arts professionals to use as musical accompaniment during bodywork and therapy sessions.

David first layered ocean background and sea bird sound effects followed by the songs of the Orcas. He then played a tonal bed inspired by the Orca songs through an Emax synthesizer. Lastly, came his flute songs played on bass, alto, and C flutes. Orca whales are, according to David, surprisingly musical creatures and were the source of much musical inspiration. The flute tracks were all recorded as first take improvisations in real time. At the beginning and end of the recording, David played a large Indonesian gong borrowed from Gamelan Pacifica (a gong-chime percussion orchestra) of which he was a founding member while a student at the Cornish College of the Arts in 1983.

“If snoring is any indicator, I’d say this disc helped achieve the goal of relaxing my client, who had recently traveled in the wilds of Alaska, following the Iditarod from one checkpoint to another. Hearing his tales of the wild, rustic nature of this area juxtaposed with its pristine beauty, I had a mental backdrop for Aleutian Meditation by David J. Hinz.

The CD is one 73-minute stream-of-consciousness track; this alone contributes to its hypnotic feeling. Using silver flutes and synthesizers with extensive layering of tracks and a lot of reverb, it alternates between a gentle, melodic flow and an ecstatic cacophony.

Listening to the music, I was reminded of dusk at a wildlife refuge. The birds head for the water as the sun sets; you hear endless waterfowl sounds as you see “V” after “V” of birds fly in to bed down for the night. The music, like the bird’s song, is a trance dance. As each “V” forms its perfect spiral to come down to land, night falls–and just like the flutes, all falls into a gentle, melodic, quieting flow. Add whale songs that intertwine with the flutes, and the music is ecstatic.”
– Amy Williams, Massage Magazine. September 2003

“David Hinz creates an elegant, lush, and deeply personal first release with Aleutian Meditation. Hinz’s command of the instrument is impressive. The tone is warm, rich, and resonant, and Hinz’s playing style reflects his international sophistication, a result of studying Gamelan, Indian, Brazilian, African and European music, as well as various travels in France and Morocco… The listener is drawn in by the interplay of Hinz’s flute, the swirling waves of the Pacific Ocean, and a deep sonorous synthesizer. Aleutian Meditation sweeps away all worries and cares of the land-locked world… The birds and Orcas are exquisitely recorded and take turns conversing with Hinz, while Hinz uses tones and frequencies to respond… one cannot help but feel the heart center open to a deeper appreciation of the bond between the species.”
– Sharron White, Common Ground Magazine

Imagine (John Lennon Cover)

“Imagine” by John Lennon ©1971 Lenono Music

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Composer and musician, David J. Hinz is a resident of Northern California and a graduate of the Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle, WA. His lifelong passion for music has been fueled by numerous master classes and workshops with musicians and composers including Julius Baker & Michel Debost, Sir James Galway & Paul Horn, Ransom Wilson & Paul Winter among others… Owner of one of the earliest (1998) prototype 14K gold Kingma System Flutes crafted by Brannen Brothers of Woburn, MA, David’s flute repertoire is deep and includes musical improvisation and recordings with flutes of varying scales, shapes, sizes, materials and tonality. His natural, light jazzy style on the keyboards, synth and percussion instruments expands his musical range and provides a complementary and simpatico accompaniment to his original flute compositions and impromptu live riffs. Live music lovers and reviewers throughout the U.S. are familiar with the distinctive musical synergy resulting from David’s collaborative efforts with both his own band and with other musicians.