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Calling All Therapists

Many musicians have physical conditions related to playing their instruments.

When you play flute, your left arm reaches around in front of you, bringing your shoulder blade out of its natural position.   So hence I have some problems with my levator scapula.  It was kind of funny for a while, as I was playing for people, and creating this healing music vibe, while I was in major pain.

An acupuncturist said that I really should stop playing for at least 6 months or so.  So, now I want to be playing a lot, and I want to start getting treatments of various sorts to try and stay ahead of the little beast.  Maybe I can play in your clinic, trade CDs, promote your services on my site, or just pay you.   Get out your needles, your oils, your crystals…

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Flute Lessons

I used to teach a lot, privately, and in group lessons. I really enjoy teaching, young and old, all levels, as long as my students practice!  So, if you have a hankering for learning to play the flute, give me a jingle.   It only took me 35 years to play as well as I do, but perhaps you will learn much quicker.

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Looking For Investors

So, yes, money would be very good to make some things happen.

Recording a new, full band CD, underwriting a tour, starting a line of merchandise… all that kind of stuff. My flute is worth a LOT of money, and I would be willing to put it up as collateral, to someone who could help finance the evolution of my endeavors. You could get a return on your investment, and take pride in helping to make something really cool happen. Just have your people talk to my people!

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Job Description

I just got a comment about a job description…

I am looking for help in the following ways…

My new CD is due any day, and I need to create a life for it. It will go out to radio stations, trade magazines, newspapers, colleges, stores, talent management agencies, musicians, record companies, flute clubs, societies, organizations, etc. I am looking for someone to create a data base, and keep track of where and when they go out, and if follow up is indicated. This would be a global campaign. The number of CDs I can send out will be limited, but will increase over time.  Then, keeping track of comments as they come in, and posting the good ones on my site. One great comment from a prominent DJ in a place like New York City could do wonders.  I will need to crunch some numbers, so that CDs that sell will generate money to cover the costs of demos and postage. All of the profit from CD sales can go to pay the person doing the work. If you can sell 8 CDs per day, you could have basically a full time job at $10 per hour.

The other main aspect of the help I need is to promote my web site. There are countless ways to do this. Writing notes to folks in high places around the globe, even things like craigslist, all the social sites… facebook, etc.  With something like six billion people in the world, perhaps one billion would enjoy some nice flute music. With an audience of one billion, I could make a dandy living. If a note were sent out to even 100 people per day, the increase in traffic to my site would be great. Currently, my site is being visited by between an average of 50 to 100 people per day. I think that if I had 500 or more per day, things would start happening. More mp3 sales, more CD and other merchandise sales,  more comments, more Opera House Performances, more castles to play in, more fancy dinners…

Beyond the increase in traffic, the other phase is content management and development. I want someone to study my site, read my blogs, look for typos, think of ways to improve the overall appearance and impact on viewers, and work with my web master to implement changes.

All of this could be from just about anywhere in the world, though it is good to work with someone in person. I think that this would be fun and enjoyable work. You would have contacts with people all over the world, and maybe make some good friends.

So, please write to me, and let’s make a miracle happen!


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New Collaboration

I’m excited to announce that I am beginning a collaboration with the amazing Seattle guitarist, Michael Powers ( We are going to record a CD, one tune at a time. He will record tracks at his home studio, then send me mp3 files, wherever I am, and I will lay down flute to complete the tunes. Then, the completed tunes will go up on my online music store. When we have enough material for a CD, it will get packaged and be available online on both of our web sites, and at gigs that we will do together. Maybe Vegas, perhaps a cruise ship, an extended run in St. Tropez… who knows. Michael currently does 250 to 300 shows a year, both solo and with his band, in the greater Seattle area and beyond.
This project will be a mix of original and familiar music. Though we have pretty well mapped out the tunes we will do, if you have a song that you would love to hear, we might consider it.
We expect the first tune to be ready in 2 or 3 months. Michael and I first played together at Seattle’s Mardi Gras in 1977. The only tunes we knew in common were John Mayall’s “Room To Move”, and Bach’s “Bouree”, a la Jethro Tull. We plan to do these tunes on the CD, for old times sake.
I want to thank Michael for his enthusiasm. I feel that this is going to be a great project.

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New Band Forming

Greetings Fellow Musicians…

I am in the process of forming a new band. The instruments I desire are keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, cello, and a female vocalist. You should have the ability to read music at a good level, a good ear, and be versatile in styles ranging from jazz, blues, folk, rock, ethnic, reggae, and more.
Also, the ability to tour for extended periods. For more information, please email me.

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