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newsworthy events happening to Dave Hinz

Dave Makes the Local News

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“Imagine” Is Done… Free Demo!

I have just received the final mix of “Imagine” and I am very pleased.

I would like to offer a free mp3 file to the first 50 people to respond.

Just write to me at and put “Imagine” in the subject line.

Please include a little note about you, where you are, how you found my site, who’s your favorite flute player, or whatever.  Also, let me know if you want to subscribe to my new newsletter.

Soon, this will be packaged as a single and sent to the John Lennon Time Capsule Project.

Also, look for this on my download page.

Thanks to Mike Labolle on drums… Sam Roberts on bass… and Mike Kapitan – our arranger, producer, and keyboardist.

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“Imagine” Has Been Recorded!

We did “Imagine” today, and it went off very well. We all got comfortable with the arrangement, and everyone played great. This is my first recording with my new head joint… what a sound! The mixing will happen soon, and it will be off to New York for submission to the time capsule.

Wish us well!

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“Time Capsule” To Honor John Lennon

I just read that there is a time capsule project in honor of John Lennon in the works.
This is open to public submissions, and they are due by September 15th. I think there will be three capsules, and they will be stored in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They will be opened on John’s 100th birthday. I plan to do a recording of “Imagine”, and produce a video as well. The instrumentation I am shooting for is, besides flute… piano, bass, drums, tabla, sitar, and female vocals. I welcome any help for this project, financial, creative, or otherwise. This will be about John, not me.

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Fabulous News!!!

I received word today that Sir James Galway will provide a quote for the front of my “Shadows” CD.

This is a major development, and could help immensely with CD sales and getting more high level attention.

Thank you Sir James!!!

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Brannen Brothers offers new flute

Brannen has just announced a new flute… their 15 / 85 flute

15% gold, and 85% silver, with Brogger mechanism

This will be an excellent flute for players who desire a warm and rich tone, without spending $40,000

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Oh My Goodness… Greetings From Sir James Galway!!!

A dream can be but a step away…

Recently, I sent out twenty five of my new CD, “Shadows” to high level folks around the world. My M. O. is to start at the top, and work my way down as need be. Usually, you maybe start in the mail room, and set your sites on corporate headquarters. And yes, I actually worked in the mail room at Microsoft once.  So, I sent CDs to people like Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Airto Moreira, and others. And, to radio stations in New York, Paris, London, Rome, etc.  Well, one of these went to Sir James Galway. If you don’t know who he is, I’m sorry, but you are clueless about the flute world.

This morning, I woke up to an email from him, from his home in Switzerland.  He is impressed with my playing, and wants to help me get going. This is as good as it gets. The top of the world.  A true miracle. I wrote a blog recently, with the title “Looking For My Theo”. Theo, was Van Gogh’s brother, who, if not for him, Vincent might never have sold a painting.  I may have found my Theo with Sir James.  Recently, I was about to spend $10,000 on a new, studio CD. Had the tunes all picked out, the arrangements all done, the musicians and studio booked.  Pulled the plug at the last minute, because of the reality that I did not have an adequate promotional platform to insure that they would sell. And, CDs aren’t selling very well anyway, for even a lot of well established artists.

So, stay tuned for further developments. Things could get very exciting very soon.


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Yipee! I Have My First "Follower" On Twitter!

No, No, No… Not like Charles Manson!

It’s twitter time, folks. I am delighted, and honored, to have Netherlands flutist Romana Goumare as my first “Follower” on twitter.

I couldn’t ask for a better start to my new twitter life. Let “Twitter Mania” begin!  I think I will twitter all day long, or until the cows come home.    Actually, they are home, about 50 yards away!    Not my cows. I tried a fish. Dead. I think I will stick with twitter.

Thanks, Romana… glad to have you aboard!

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Brannen Launches Twitter Site!

Great News!

Brannen Brothers has just launched a new twitter site…

This will be a great resource for the flute community. They will help promote all aspects of the Brannen flute world,

such as new releases, concerts, masterclasses, newspaper articles, and more. If you like my music, it would be wonderful

if you were to send comments to Brannen, which they may post on twitter.

Many thanks to all at  Brannen Brothers for this great resource to the flute universe!

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The Evolution Of "Shadows"

Over time, “Shadows” will evolve to be an all studio, red book compliant ( the industry standard for audio quality ), retail ready CD. Currently, I see it as a bit more of a demo, than a full on release. I will be producing it in small batches, and larger quantities as demand dictates.  I do realize that most radio stations may not play music that originated from a cassette, currently, 3 tunes.  So, essentially, this CD is a work in progress.  I will post further blogs as new tunes are added.

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