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newsworthy events happening to Dave Hinz

A Comment About Comments

“Shadows” is beginning to go out to great places around the world.

On the back of the CD, are comments, about me and my playing, from various wonderful people.

For the record, I want to clarify that these comments do not pertain directly to “Shadows”. These fine words came to me between 1983, and a couple of months ago. They came about in a variety of circumstances, which may or may not include water boarding.  hehe!   I will neither confirm, nor deny…  silly me… just kidding.    Anyway, with all due respect to the sources, I thank you all for your words.

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Yay! Yippee! Cowabunga Dude!

The first CD, “Shadows” has arrived at Michael Bloom Media Relations in Los Angeles. He is going to listen to it this week end. If he likes it, I could have the helper from heaven! He has worked with everyone, and their grandmother too.  Herbie Hancock was his first client! Jennifer, at Downbeat magazine, referred me to Michael.   I am sending out my best vibes to Michael, wishing that he will love my music.  He said that he really likes “Vonetta”, the first track, by Earl Klugh, though, as I write this, he has not yet heard me play it.

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"Shadows" Release Party In The Works

Sometime in the not too distant future, I will have an event to welcome “Shadows” into the world.

The response from upcoming reviews, airplay, etc., will determine where it will be, and when.

If you would like to have a hand in helping to put this event together, let me know.

“Shadows” steps into the spotlight!

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Michel Debost

Bonjour la France!

I got an email this morning from one of the world’s greatest flutists, Michel Debost. Michel is in the same league as Jean-Pierre Rampal & Sir James Galway. When I lived in Paris, I went to a recital of Michel’s students, who were all fabulous players. I met Michel, and he invited me to listen and attend his classes at the National Conservatory of Music, which is one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. He said that Sir James Galway would be there that week. I went every week for several months. Amazing!  Aside from the music, it was a great way to learn French. At the first class, Sir James singled me out, and said… “You’re American, you’d know about this”  “Sure Sir James!”   “Got ya covered!”  He was referring to some style of playing.   “I’m all over it, Mr. Galway!”  “Formidable!!!”

Towards the end of the school year, I took a lesson with Michel. I think I played a bit of a Handle sonata. Michel told me that I had all the talent in the world.. that all I needed to do was work. He said that he often played fifteen hours a day, between the Paris Symphony, Chamber ensembles, recording, touring, teaching, etc.   Oh, is that all it takes?

I gave Michel a cassette, of my first real performance, about which he later commented…

“Bravo!  Good tone & interpretation. All the talent needed!”

Michel’s email to me today was to give his consent for me to use this wonderful statement.

It just doesn’t get much better than this!

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"Shadows" Is Heading Out Into The World!


My CD, “Shadows”, is beginning a new life, and about to commence a journey far and wide.

It is going to radio stations, and other places, in Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Humboldt, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tuscon, Cabo San Lucas, Boston, New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Munich, Milan, Barcelona, Oslo, Copenhagen, and then a few more.  That should stir up some trouble!  If I don’t sell a few CDs on pay pal, then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

Go, Shadows, go!

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Rainbow On The Radio!

Yay!  My new recording of “Over The Rainbow” was played for the first time on KHUM radio in Ferndale.  Thanks to KHUM for this honor.  This could have been heard by thousands of people.   This is just the beginning!

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"Shadows"… The Full Story

Here, I will tell the story of “Shadows”… my new CD.   After thirty five years of playing, I thought it might be a good idea to release a CD, now that the little suckers are practically obsolete!    I’m not particularly known for my speed in getting things done. However, I’m not dead yet!  You know, I always just wanted to play a little better.    So, the tunes on this project, recorded between 1984, and 2010, represent some of my best material. I can tell that my playing has matured a great deal since 1984, though I’m not so sure that I have! Can’t win em all… So, let’s see… if it takes 26 years per new release… haha! Actually, I want to be more like Wynton Marsalis. I heard that he recorded 8 CDs in 8 months! Crazy! I guess it comes down to my standards… I always wanted the best flute in the world, and now I have it. And of course, a great band. A band is only as strong as its weakest link. And then there’s planetary allighnment…  So, all factors aside, here it is. The comments on the back of “Shadows” were made between 1983 and 2010, and do not pertain specifically to this CD.   I can’t guarantee that all the fine folks who made these comments will remember having done so. Many more CDs to follow. I hope you enjoy them!

The first tune, “Vonetta” is a tune by guitar great Earl Klugh, a strong voice in the “Smooth Jazz” world. This has been a favorite of mine for many years. It was recorded in Arcata, CA., at the now defunct “Sacred Grounds” coffee shop, sometime around 2000.  Bert Pectol was the maestro at the soundboard. The players on this track are Tim Randles, keyboards, Dale Cash, bass, Tyler Lusk, drums, & Doug Kamprath, percussion. We used something like 8 mikes.  Tim Randles and myself did the mixing on my computer. Not too bad for a coffee shop gig.

Samba de Orpheus, Dianna, and Yardbird Suite were recorded on November 30th, 1984, at Western Washington University, in Bellingham, Washington. This was part of their weekly Friday concert series, called “Mama Sundays”.  I prepared for this show for five months. This was my first real performance, after having played hundreds of “Casuals”… weddings, parties, boat cruises, etc. We had five rehearsals, and nobody missed a note.   To this day, this is the best band I ever played with! Actually, all these great players are interested in playing in my touring band, except nobody knows where the drummer, Jay, is.    The tune “Dianna”, is a favorite of mine, and was recorded by one of my idols, the late Eric Dolphy. I once had a pet duck named “Dolphy”!

“Floating”, was recorded in a small studio in Seattle, in 1989, with guitarist Phil Sheeran. We had been recording for several days, classical and jazz stuff, to sell at gigs. When we were done, I said to the engineer…”Roll Tape”. I just wanted to play something for fun, and see what happened. There was no discussion of what we would play. The key, feel, length… nothing. We just played. I overdubbed a second alto flute part, and it was done. I consider this to be one of the best pieces of music that I have ever recorded.  Phil is in L.A. now, and has eight or so CDs out.  Phil studied with, among others, the fabulous Ralph Towner… ECM recording artist. Phil was Ralph’s guinea pig, while Ralph was writing a book on guitar playing. Here Phil… Play this!  Phil and I were at Cornish together, and did lots of gigs together. We used to show up in Phil’s 1959 red and silver Mercedes… very classy.

“Black Orpheus”…, or “Mahna de Carnival”, has been a favorite of mine forever. Made famous, of course, by the movie.  This was recorded recently, as part of a You Tube video shoot. This tune, and Miles Davis’   “All Blues”, were  recorded by Mike Kapitan, at his studio in Arcata. These two tunes feature Mike on keyboards, Mike LaBolle, on drums, & Tommy Lockett, on bass.  We gathered at Mike’s studio, and just hit it cold… no rehearsal, no warm up. I think the guys did great!

“Over The Rainbow” was produced by Mike Kapitan, and features Mike on keys and keyboard bass, and David Owens, who is in L.A., on drums. David and Mike recorded with Thomas Dolby. Mike sent David an mp3 file, and he recorded drums in his home studio. A lot of recordings are being done these days via mp3 files being sent, virtually anywhere in the world. “Rainbow” is represented on my web site by a cool video, which was done by Doug Reynolds and his daughter, in Minden ( near Reno ), Nevada. Doug built my web site, and I think he did a great job! You can check him out at

The final track is an excerpt from my previous CD, entitled “Aleutian Meditation”. This was created for the massage world. Currently, there are about 15 distributors around the world, and it is available in its entirety on my site. This was a solo project, and no other human played on it. I played bass, alto, and C flutes, Emax keyboard synthesizer, and it features Orca whales, and Pacific Ocean recordings. The Orcas were recorded by Paul Spong, director of Orcalab, off the shores of Vancouver Island.

And there you have it…”Shadows”… is now available for your enjoyment.

Please buy lots of them!

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They Like It!

The initial feedback for “Shadows” is very good so far. The Arcata Eye will review it for their April Fool’s edition. That should help a lot. Soon, it will be going out to many other newspapers, radio stations, music magazines, etc. I got a comment today from the Republic of Belarus!    All I want to do is play, play, play!   I am still looking for my dream helper to get things going. Surely, someone out there must want a nice, creative job!   I will list on my site all the outlets where you can buy “Shadows”. For now, it is available on my web site, and if you happen to see me in person, lurking in some dark alley… haha!

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Online MP3 Store To Expand

Yes, it’s True…

I have much more music to come, as things progress. There will essentially be two groups of music emerging. That which is already recorded, which for the most part will be mastered from cassettes. I have over twenty years of these tapes. This will be kind of my “Bootleg” collection. If I die mysteriously, suddenly, tragically, (boohoo), this stuff could be worth the big bucks.  Haha!   By the way, did you hear about some Japanese emperor, who had purchased, I think, a Van Gogh painting, and he wanted to be buried with it? Crazy!  And Michael Jackson… Oy veh, the clothes he wore to his grave!

So, the other music to emerge will be new studio recordings. These will largely be recorded elsewhere, and sent to me as mp3 files, then I will go into a studio, wherever I am, and record my parts. I would definitely like to record with a band, all in the studio together, but that will probably not happen much as long as I’m living in “Little Siberia”… aka Arcata.    Essentially, I am searching for my masterpiece, one tune at a time.  Not necessarily a commercial masterpiece, but tunes that showcase the best of my playing abilities.   Duke Ellington was known for creating compositions written for the individual players in his band.  That is what I am looking for. As such, I will be commissioning various musicians to compose music for me to record. Perhaps a tune or three of my own will come out as well.

A funny story comes to mind…

In Seattle, I used to teach a lot of flute lessons. One of my students was the wife of Robert Fulghum. Robert, as you may know, is the author of “Everything I Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarden”, which was his first book, and a New York Times Bestseller. As the story goes, this title piece apparently fell into the hands of a school kid, who showed it to his teacher, who in turn knew a prominent book publisher. This publisher contacted Robert, and asked… do you have any more of these little pieces?  Well, he had over twenty years worth. This material became his first book.

Not comparing myself to Mr. Fulghum, but I think of my twenty-plus years of tapes in a similar fashion. They will emerge over time. I hope you enjoy them.

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Radio Station, Music Magazines, Newspaper, etc. CD Demos

My new release, “Shadows”, is now available. Free copies are available, on a limited basis, to radio stations, etc., by request. For radio stations, to receive a demo, please send me a note, telling me the name of your station, which program would play it, with the name of the DJ. When you receive your copy, please send to me any comments you may have about the music. If they are nice, I will post them on my site! All that I ask of any station, besides playing the CD, is that you mention my web site…   One other thing, if you can send me the times that you play it, and what tracks, that would be great.  I will list all stations on my site that play my CD. To request a copy, simply click on the “Email Dave” link.  Some of the tracks on this CD originated from cassette, so the audio quality is not stellar. For all other media, please provide contact info. Again, if you can, in return, mention my site, that would be great.  As I am an independent artist, with a limited budget, any donations to help cover my costs, would be much appreciated.
You may send donations to:
Dave Hinz
115 Samoa Blvd. Apt 5E
Arcata, CA. 95521

Thanks for your interest!


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