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New Video- The National Anthem (Radiohead Cover)

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My Site Is Starting To Change

Many thanks to Angela Render with Thunderpaw Web Management, as she has begun work on
my site, and has already made numerous improvements. They will continue, and soon I will have
basically a whole new site. It will all look and feel better, be more interactive, and it will be easier than ever
to buy lots of my CDs. Besides being able to buy them here via pay pal, they will also be available via CD Baby, Amazon,
i tunes, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, and other sites, primarily as a download, but also in CD form.
As my new site comes alive, there will increasingly be reasons to come back often to see what’s new… new recordings,
new videos, new opportunities emerging, perhaps an amazing letter about my playing from some world famous musician.
I always have time to read those! Ha Ha!!! So, do come to visit, and feel free to say hello.
We’ll leave the light on for you!

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Free New CD To First Five Responders

My new CD is done, and I would like to get some copies out there. For the first five people who email me and request a copy, I will send one to you as a gift for your interest. Please put “Free CD” in the subject line, and include a shipping address. All I ask in return is for you to tell me how you found my site. Soon will be completely redesigned. Many new developments are in the works, and I am excited for the changes that are unfolding. I plan to have more interactivity, so that I may engage in a fun way with you all who may be interested in my music.  So, lite up my inbox, and I will get the CDs out to you. Thanks for your time to say hello, and I hope you enjoy the music.

Please send your request to

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New Web Master Needed

Again, or maybe still, I am looking for a new web master. I really want to find a marriage made in heaven this time, and develop a long lasting and prosperous working relationship with a stellar web master, who will help to bring my site to a whole new level. The basic ingredients are there, and now the site needs to be completely reworked and taken to a high level of professionalism. I welcome dialogue and proposals from anyone interested, wherever you may be. And I am ready to pay good money to the right person or company who will make my site shine & dazzle. I am waiting for this new revival to flourish before implementing SEO, and also before doing numerous other foundation building activities.

My web site has to be the best that can be had, and must represent me at the highest level. I am on a global campaign, to promote my recordings, and develop support for touring with my future band in the most professional way that I can muster.  So, please get in touch if you might have what it takes, or may know someone.

Working together, a miracle is just around the corner.

Please contact me at

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Aleutian CD To Feature New Music

My CD of massage oriented music, Aleutian Meditation, is going to have some new music on it soon. This recording, which began its life as a cassette in 1989, and was remastered as a CD many years later, after becoming nearly extinct, is now going to get new life once again. My good friend, pianist, arranger, producer, & recording engineer, Mike Kapitan, is going to record with me, and together we will create new music that will fill up available recording space on this old project.

Some curious things have happened with this music. Shortly after being reborn as a CD, it got a great review in Massage Magazine, with some 80,000 issues going into global circulation. This in turn led to a contract with a distributor of massage oriented music with a company called At Peace Media. Now, years later, there are maybe 20 distributors globally selling it. A simple search engine query for “flute music for massage” will bring you right to it, as one of the first listings. Even just “massage music” will get you to this seasoned CD.  Recently, it was sold out on some Asian site. Little ‘Ol Me, sold out in Asia!

Thanks to you all out there who have helped to keep this music alive. Now if I could somehow manage to get paid for it, that would be spectacular. Only my original distributor is buying them from me.  The deal is though, if these folks are not buying them from me, then they will not get the most current version, and may also be involved in copyright violations, as it does appear that they are being manufactured by others without my permission or involvement.  Part of the problem with bootlegged music is that the artist does not get any money, and this sometimes results in less, or no new music being recorded. So, to anyone who really enjoys certain music, if you strive to buy it from the original source, a record label perhaps, or best directly from the artists who produced it, you will feel better about your purchase, and will be helping to encourage new music from these musicians.

It seems that Aleutian Meditation is rising to global prominence, in a world that has countless recordings of the massage oriented variety. For this I am very grateful, even if I am not being paid for my work. Perhaps my payment will come someday in the form of people buying tickets to my concerts in far away places. Bootleg or not, this would be a wonderful outcome for this and other recordings of mine to have created.

So, thanks to all for your continued support. I hope we may meet someday.

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Fresh Start… Part Trois

Good Golly Miss Molly…

You know how in life, just when you think you
have virtually everything figured out, your plan
in place, your dial of dreams finally tuned to your
favorite frequency…

And then you get broad sided by a metaphorical
locomotive, which knocks you silly, and sends you
back to the drawing board, with a fresh slate & a
whole box of new chalk.

Well, here I go again…
While I shall spare you the details, let’s just say for
now that I am grateful to be alive. As such is the case,
I am indeed looking at life with new & profoundly
different eyes.

Life indeed is a very risky endeavor.
This ain’t Toto, Kansas!!!
Lions, Tigers, & Bears… Oh My!!!

Meanwhile, perhaps it IS time to pay
attention to the man behind the screen…
For the message in the bottle may indeed
be worth reading. Drifting for years, silently
hoping to be found by those who will know
what to do with the writings contained within.

If a flute falls in a forest…
will anybody hear it???

To those of you who may be joining me in the
exploration of these mysterious thoughts & dreams,
I welcome you in joining me on this adventurous

Please, stroll around the grounds,
until you feel at home!

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Chemicals, Sawdust, & Newspaper

A while ago, after waxing philosophic about the BP oil spill, I thought it better to focus on my own biz, and seek noteth to digresseth too mucheth. But then, today, I read that they, over in Japan, are considering using chemicals, sawdust, & newspaper to try and prevent radiation from leaking into the pacific ocean.  I don’t know who helped with this idea, what country they are from, or what prestigious university they studied at.

I am very sorry, but this just doesn’t sound like rational thinking to me. Not the best intelligence this planet is capable of.

Maybe try duct tape and bailing wire?

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Tooting In Tucson

Hola Tucson!!!

I am very impressed with the great energy I am feeling from y’all down there. I feel welcome already. I am seriously leaning towards making it my new home… at least for a while. Casting fate to the wind as it were. The only thing I know for sure is that my exit from “Little Siberia” is coming soon. Hopefully mid March or soon thereafter.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been reaching out to me. It means a lot, and warms my spirit.  The challenges these days for musicians are many. CDs hardly sell anymore, record companies are boarded up, the economy is in bad shape, and blah, blah, blah. A musician’s greatest hope seems to be a you tube video that goes “viral”.  Crazy!!!

Flute is a very healing instrument. I need healing, the planet needs healing. I am simply seeking to develop symbiotic relationships with great people who may be, shall we say, instrumental, in getting the show on the road.  It takes a village to raise a band.

To the fine folks of Tucson… are you my future village?

Perhaps only the shadow knows…

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Comfortably Numb Is Done!!!

I am very pleased with the outcome of my recording of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”.

This is my biggest production ever for a single tune, featuring flute, violin, viola, cello, keyboards, bass, & drums. Many thanks to my personal George Martin… Mike Kapitan. He is a master producer, arranger, keyboardist, and studio engineer. I told him this was to be an all out production, sparing no expense. He went to it, and the result is I feel the best single track I have ever produced.

For a limited time, I will send the mp3 to you for free, if you provide me with an email address. I want as many people as possible to hear this. Many more tunes are in the works. I think you will enjoy this piece… a classic masterpiece by Pink Floyd.  Please email your request to  Put “Numb” in the subject line.

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The Search Is On… Who Wants A Flute Player???

So, I am moving very soon somewhere.

My Humboldt days are just about over. Where next is the question.

Las Vegas, Austin, Bay Area, Panama or who knows. I am looking for a combination of good weather, great home, and abundant music opportunities. Oh, and really nice people.

Any clues?

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